Should Someone Take A Chance On Tim Hudson?

With the news that Tim Hudson will opt out of his contract with Atlanta, many teams looking for a starting pitching bargain will most likely look into Tim Hudson.

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He had to undergo Tommy John Surgery towards the end of 2008, and in 2009 had to wait until the end of the year, getting just seven starts, going 2-1, and striking out 6.38 batter per nine innings, and walking 2.76 per nine, right on line with his career average. He gets a lot of ground balls, as 62.2 of the balls put into play against him were on the ground, and a ground ball can never go over the wall, so he can pitch effectively anywhere, and has.

He is a quality arm, that teams like the Mets, Giants, Red Sox, and Yankees could all consider, and Boston and the Yankees play in hitters  parks, and could use a quality ground ball/strike out pitcher like Hudson.

He could sign for a contract like John Smoltz last season.

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