When Does Slugging Percentage Overrule On-Base Percentage?

In the book Moneyball Paul Depodesta looked at OPS, and said it is not a good stat because it implies that On-Base Percentage and Slugging Percentage are of them same value, when they are not, so when does Slugging Percentage overrule On-Base Percentage?


A team can get three singles in one inning, and then hit into a triple play, making your On-Base Percentage .750, and your Slugging Percentage is 1.333, but you have not scored, but let’s put Triple Plays aside.

How many ways can you score one run in one inning without making an out? (Using station to station baserunning)

  • four singles
  • one home run
  • two doubles
  • a triple and a single
  • a single and a triple

So all of these are On-Base Percentages of 1.000, and assorted Slugging Percentages of 1.000, 4.000, 2.000, and the final two are also 2.000.  So what is the minimum?

After some research, I found that the minimum was somewhere below .250, meaning that OBP will ALWAYS overrule Slugging Percentage. The closest man to the magic number is Jason Kendall, who is Slugging .304.


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